Use of colours in printing and their emotional effect


Colours are the catalysts for different types of emotions. From the beginning of time, White as a colour was widely used by Palaeolithic artisans. Similarly, Gold as a colour was always used to represent something majestic and powerful, such as the sun.

Colours are an integral part of advertisements as they can be utilised to target specific audiences. Audiences can be classified based on their age, as people perceive colours very differently. Bright and vivid colours are often associated with the youth as both the colours are symbols of vibrancy and dynamism. However, older people prefer subdued colours as they represent a more mature, level headed and seasoned individuals. Likewise, colours such as Black are used to represent regality and elegance and White is used to represent peace. However, in different cultures both these colours are used to represent mourning and loss as well.

Brands have often used colours to reach out to target audiences and psychologically manipulate them. Colour is an extremely powerful tool and it can be utilised in advertisements to set the mood. If a particular flyer is eye catching and sends out a positive impression to the prospective consumer then it is more than likely that they are going to form some sort of a relationship with the brand and that in turn will increases the profitability.

While purchasing products, humans as a species aren’t entirely guided by logic. We are controlled by other factors like emotions and these emotions are closely connected to the colours we see around us and the mood it sets. Therefore, while printing, one must consider the entire colour palette, as no colour scheme or combination is fit for all purposes, neither is it universal in nature i.e one size does not fit all. Even for cultural and social groups across the globe no specific colour is universally acceptable.

Given the above we can see that it really does pay to research what colours you are using on your advertising and the use of DL Cards is no different. Rather than just use any old colour because it looks good, consider your audience and what emotion that colour will bring to them. It may only seem a little thing but it all adds up, especially where sales are concerned.

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